Chief Executive Officer of Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited, Mr. Boaz Amiel.

SDGs not achievable without a clean Ghana – Overseas Commerce Ghana CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited, Mr. Boaz Amiel, has called on Ghanaians to take an active role in cleaning their surroundings if Ghana is to make any headway in its quest to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The visibly excited leader of one of Ghana’s foremost container terminal and Modern bonded cold storage warehousing company intimated that, “we cannot hope to achieve the SDG goals if we don’t put in the work. Goals 3, 6, 13 and 15 of the SDG are practically impossible if we do not change the way we approach cleaning the environment around us. The government has its role, but the work starts with us, the citizens.”

cleanup exercise

According to him,  “It is only a healthy workforce that can transform this country to what it should be. If the environment is not clean, people will fall sick, productivity will be negatively impacted, jobs will be lost. We cannot develop Ghana if that situation persists” he insisted.

Cleanup Exercise

Speaking at a cleanup exercise organized by Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited in conjunction with the Dzatabu Residents Association (Community 3), Mr. Amiel pointed out that, “as a company, we believe that collaborations are crucial for the advancement of communities. This community has accommodated our business for a little over 2 years, and although this is not the first social intervention reached out to the community, it is only befitting that we engage them collaboratively by supporting community development through partnership as the theme communicates.”

Dubbed ‘overseas cares’, Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited, as part of the exercise signed an MOU with the community to undertake major projects fully funded by the company which will be rolled out beginning from the first quarter of 2019.

“We do this because there is a bigger purpose for which we are all here. We believe we can do a little at a time, cause change, and hopefully contribute meaningfully to the betterment of everyone around us,” Mr. Amiel added.


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