Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited Measures In Fighting Covid-19

Since Ghana recorded its first case of COVID 19 in Ghana, there was the fear of the widespread of the virus, the country saw measures such as social distancing, using alcohol-based sanitizers, and washing of hands, amongst others.

As a 3rd party logistics service provider and an essential service as such Overseas Commerce Ghana Ltd have had to put in measures to make the working place a haven from the novel COVID -19.Amongst the measures put in place are the following.

Education of All staff on Covid-19

From the announcement of the first case of the virus by the Ghana Health Service, information has been the most sought after commodity in fighting the virus, with information scattered around easily, credibility has become one of the biggest questions in this time. Studying information from the World Health Organization, Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited engaged its staff to educate them on the ways they could contract the virus, the preventive measures they needed to employ to keep everyone and his her family safe in these times.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Boaz Amiel education the staff of OCGL on the safety measures put in place to keep everyone safe

Acquisition and Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment’s

Overseas Commerce Ghana Ltd has beefed up the acquisition of PPE’s to ensure that daily all of its staff are well covered to prevent them from contracting the virus. Daily, every staff receive a disposable mask, alcohol-based sanitizers amongst others to go about their daily routines.

Temperature Checks of All Facility Users

As confirmed by World Health Organization, an individual who may have contracted the virus may have a high fever and as such Overseas Commerce Ghana Ltd employs the use of infrared thermometers to check the temperature of all of its facility users, by so doing people who would have passed the threshold would be quarantined for testing, Also Veronica buckets have been installed at all entry points to ensure that all facility users wash their hands.

A facility user getting his temperature taken and recorded before entry

Ensuring Social Distancing at the workplace

Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited ensures that its staff observe the distance of not less than 1 meter amongst their employees, and has reduced its paper-based transactions to zero, by so doing clients send working schedules and make payments using the company’s online channels

As addressed by the President of the Republic of Ghana in his 8th address, all users of the Overseas Commerce Ghana facility thus employees, clients, government officials are checked at all entry points of the company to make sure that they adhere strictly to this policy.