At Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited, our Quality System is designed to meet the specific requirements of our company and our customer’s needs.

It is the policy of Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited to implement this quality system effectively throughout our operations. This system will optimize and control quality so as to maximize customer benefit and offer a cost effective service. Quality is controlled by operational techniques and activities aimed at preventing unsatisfactory performance.

Compliance with the quality system is mandatory to all Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited Employees, and all staff undergo training to ensure that they all understand the Company’s Quality Policy and its requirements. In order to improve our quality standards and achieve the company’s objectives, Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited continues to monitor the quality performance and comply with those standards required by the statutory authorities and our customers.


The priority of Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited is to ensure a healthy and safe workplace, so far as is reasonably practicable, and that all employees are safe from injury and risks to their health while at work.

Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited meets this commitment by ensuring that work practices and procedures adopted throughout the Company comply with the Acts and Regulations of authorities in Occupational Health and Safety. Management of health, safety and the environment is an integral part of our management responsibilities. All staff and contractors employed by Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited are held accountable in their areas of responsibility.

All persons employed by Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited are trained to perform their work safely. Suppliers or contractors are supervised by the person in control of the relevant workplace to ensure compliance with standards. Every person is responsible for working in a safe manner, following all safety rules, participating in safety training, identifying any safety and health hazards and alerting his or her supervisor accordingly. Strict compliance with the company’s Health, Safety and Security (HSS) Management System is a minimum requirement and it is neither expected nor required of our employees to attempt anything likely to cause them harm.

It is the goal of Overseas Commerce Ghana Limited to ensure that the activities of the Company have minimum impact on the environment and comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

We ensure that each member of our company understands all sources of environmental risks resulting from our operations before improvements can be addressed.

In achieving our environmental goal, we comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and develop in-house knowledge of effects associated with our operational activities. We correctly transport and dispose of all environmentally damaging waste products and continuously upgrade our standards of personal knowledge, equipment processes and procedures.