How do you charge for services?

All rates are individually quoted based on storage and handling requirements. Rates are generally quoted on a per pallet basis. However, customized quotes based on net weight, gross weight. Handling is generally quoted as an up-front, one-time charge that includes receiving pallets of product from a dock height truck, placing pallets in storage, and returning pallets to a dock height truck for shipping.

How often do rates change?

Unless rate terms are specifically negotiated in our contract, rates typically will be adjusted no more than once per year. The only other condition which may trigger a rate change is a new or modified handling or storage requirement.

Can I sell my product to someone whiles it’s in your warehouse?

Yes. However, the holder of the warehouse receipt we issue when the product arrives is considered the legal owner of the product to us. If you would like to have new receipts created for the new owner, you must contact us in advance of the date of transfer. This is called a “transfer of title in storage.”

Can I use the internet to monitor my inventory?

Our System will give you access to your inventory, transaction data, shipping data, invoices, etc.

Can I pay my freight in any other currency than what is specified?

Payment can be made in the currency specified on the invoice or in a currency of your choice – the equivalent amount will be calculated at the current exchange rate.

How do I file a claim?

Claims must be presented in writing. All claims must have at least the following documents:

  • Claim Statement
  • Shipper’s commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list

Are drivers required to load or unload their own trucks?

Drivers are NOT permitted on the loading dock and the driver is not allowed to operate any material handling equipment owned by Overseas commerce Ghana Limited. All palletized loads will be loaded or unloaded by overseas personnel only.

When can I pick up the cargo?

You could pick up your cargo from the terminal after you have obtained the delivery order and release order from the shipping line.

Who are customs and what their role is?

The role of Customs is extremely varied, ranging from checking of documents for accuracy to physical examination of cargo and preventative controls to check on the movement of drugs etc.
Their remit includes:

  • Controlling the movement of imports and exports.
  • Collecting revenue from traders on imported goods.
  • Protecting society from prohibited or explicit materials.
  • Acting on behalf of other government departments with import/export trade.
  • Undertaking law enforcement where necessary

What temperature setting can Overseas Commerce offer?

Our refrigerated warehouse can maintain temperatures between -18.0c – +30.0c. However, for some commodities for which lower temperatures are required, we can go to -28.0c.

What about shipping or receiving after normal hours?

After hours shipping and receiving may be available. There are additional charges that may be billed to customer or carrier. We require an appointment to be made during normal office hours for any after-hours shipping and receiving.

What are the Terminal safety rules?

Our safety page will have all Truck rules, safety visitors’ guide, and terminal safety goals

How do I report a UTL (unable to locate container)

Send email or support ticket to our customer care or phone them.

What are the driver’s requirements?

The drivers are required to meet the following 3 items; Transportation Worker Identification Credential, and a valid license plate associated with the RFID tag. Under no circumstances will a driver be allowed on the terminal without each of these items.

  1. Each driver is required to have a TSA issued Transportation Worker Identification Credential also known as a TWIC®. The following link has instructions on how to obtain one of these cards.
  2. Each truck will need to be registered with the Truck Tag program. Pier Pass issue truck RFID tags for installation on the truck.
  3. Each truck will be required to have a valid license plate that is associated with the above mentioned RFID tag.

Where do I pay demurrage/exams fees/service charges?

All fees can be paid at the collection point found on the premises of the terminal.

Who do I need to dispute demurrage charges with?

All disputes in regards to the last free day and the amount of demurrage owed should be addressed with the shipping line and not the terminal.

Can I pay the terminal demurrage through TOPS (Terminal Operating Service)?

Some shipping lines allow their customers to pay the demurrage owed on a container through TOPS for import containers at the terminal, however, you will need to contact the shipping line to determine if this applies to you.

What is the last free day on my container?

Please contact your shipping line for this information. The terminal is not responsible for the accuracy of last free day information obtained from Term View, which is accessed through the terminal’s website. Please contact your shipping line directly.